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Customised Men's Treatments


Maintain and improve your skin condition with one of our monthly treatments in addition to your daily skincare routine.

You'll be guided through your treatment to make sure you're aware of your current skin condition, the steps for at home and the products suited to your needs.


What are you looking for? Get insights about your skin condition, advice about your skincare routine and relaxing yet ground-breaking skincare treatments tailored to your skin's needs.

Men's Customised Facial

The perfect monthly maintenance. You’ll experience a comprehensive, personalised facial tailored to your skin’s needs and your goals. We perform safe, effective extractions of impurities. Any treatment includes a neck and shoulder massage. Price: €79.5

Men's Customised Peeling

A no-downtime monthly maintenance treatment to visibly improve your skin condition. It’s a level I (or level II) enzymatic or chemical exfoliation targeted to your skin’s specific needs, such as hyperpigmentation, breakouts, or signs of aging. Any treatment includes a neck and shoulder massage. Price: €97.5

Men's Customised Microneedling

Microneedling is one of the most effective and advanced treatments to basically improve any skin condition without down-time. This treatment is for all skin types and completely tailored to your needs. We use the world leading Dermapen Microneedling devices that meets fully regulatory compliance Class 2 medical device certification and non-negotiable skincare from Dermaceuticals and Mesoestetic. Any treatment includes a neck and shoulder massage. Price: €174.5

Skin Improvement Program

Target specific skin concerns or overall skin rejuvenation. With our tailored skin improvement program we choose or combine chemical peelings and microneedling treatments to improve any skin condition. In addition we provide tailored skincare guidance for your home routine with non-negotiable skincare brands Mesoestetic and Image Skincare to offer noticeable results. From €390. Contact us for inquiries.